Tafalla October Fairs 2015: Day 23 to 25

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Tafalla hosts traditional festivals October 23 to 25. The local council and the the “Zona Media” Development Consortium  has organized an extensive program.

On Friday there will be stalls and crafts, wine tasting and cheese in addition to theater.

For the Saturday morning show of agricultural and food products, targets txistularis, walk through the corners of Tafalla and pipers round is scheduled. Furthermore, the Commonwealth of Mairaga leverage for the presentation of the Campaign of the fifth container. And in the evening the agility IV Trophy City of Tafalla, children’s inflatables, ball game or petals and leather workshops, plus Toriko fire. The day is completed with several musical performances like always Aires, the concert of the Band’s Tafallesa with Serafín Zubiri, and “Dantzan Enparantzan” concert open to public participation.

Sunday 25 traditional horse fair is held with the sale of cattle from 9:00 pm at the fairgrounds. Continue the stalls and crafts and food fair and the agility Trophy City of Tafalla. Also the Order of Divine Cuto organized the digital photographic tour Lecea Prize and delivery Cuto the Holy Hospital. He is also scheduled performance of the Giants Asier Marco, spades race (to enroll there will be half an hour earlier in the Four Corners), round Txaranga Malatxo and parades of vintage cars. The events continue in the afternoon with children’s inflatables, first day of championship Navarra and display sokatira aizkolaris and bucking, besides the performance of the rock group of the School of Music in Tafalla. There will also be concert to mark the 50th anniversary of the Coral Tafallesa where they will perform with the choir Tafallesa, the coral Olitense the Egües Valley and San Martin accompanied by the Band of Olite.

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